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  • Kennisnet - Dutch Educational ICT portal
    • World Wide Professional (WWP) is a Kennisnet Knowledge Roundabout Project


  • Sg. St.-Canisius, Almelo, The Netherlands
    • ICT-Coaches
      • Christien ten Dam
      • Arnold Dijkstra
      • Christien Egberink
      • Henk Eshuis
      • Maurits Kamman
      • Robin Kamperman - biology teacher
      • Leo Kemper - teacher Arts and Crafts
      • Léon Scholten
      • Angela Verstraelen  (teacher of Spanish)
      • René Vos
    • WWP coordination group
      • Jos Bolscher
        • Coordination International conference June 2008 at St. Canisius
        • Coordination protocol Student Exchange
      • Marc Vreeswijk
        • Coordination 10 on-line PD-modules
        • Organisation program of October 2008 study visit to Canada, New Brunswick
        • Video production
      • Bob Hofman (ICT&E)
        • Project planning
        • Communication with Kennisnet
        • International project network
    • Project administration
      • Ria Kattevilder (ICT&E)




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