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Funding and finances

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Funding and finances?





In every country there are authorities and legislations that provide financial aid. That is why it is important to refer to your own jurisdiction. For example, in the Netherlands, you have to apply to the European Platform. If you request funding, you have to deliver a project plan with your assignment. If it is approved, you will receive 80 % of your funding. You can receive the remaining funding at the end of your plan by writing an evaluation. If it is approved, you will receive the remaining 20 %. (http://www,europeesplatform.nl)

It is of little use to give you all the details on Dutch legislation because people from other countries do not have to take our rules into account. Hopefully we can collect some information on how it more or less works in other countries.


Dutch perspective

You have to visit different authorities to raise the money. There is a European Platform, but the project has to be approved by 16 other organisations. There is a group that provides funding for different projects such as international projects, school policy, and materials-webcams etc.


Canadian Perspective (New Brunswick)

Teachers can access sources locally, provincially, nationally and internationally for funding. Several links have been provided for your use:

Teachers have access to provincial and local funding through their Professional Development organizations.


Other ways to raise money

Fundraising activities and partnerships with local companies, churches, organisations and banks

  • Organising a fleamarket/yard sale
  • Check with your local school district for sponsorship
  • Use any political affiliations that you might have
  • Approach your mayor and city council for funding by telling them that you will be promoting your community and establishing partnerships
  • When you are planning a trip, start fundraising early. Make a monthly plan to save money for the trip.You can save for example €40 a month. At year's end you can have up to €480
  • In your own country you have rules for exchange programs and you can find them on the internet e.g. the European Platform. It may also be useful to approach your local council for further information


Do's and Don'ts


  • Start fundraising early!
  • Use your contacts and of course your colleagues. Your network is larger than you think
  • Visit your fundraisers and let them see what you are doing (with images or movies)
  • Put an article in your local newspaper, it will be easier to get sponsors
  • Inform people that it is about learning in another country; it is not a holiday trip
  • Bank your savings on a regular basis



  • Even if you have made numerous contacts and have not been successful, don't give up





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